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Meet the future of the web: a "scalable" software is the one able to run smoothly both on a single machine and thousands of servers without any notable manual interventions of a programmer.

Scalability directly influences a website or app's productivity, and thereby has huge impact on the owners' costs and revenues. That's why scalable solutions are the hottest trend in the modern IT industry.

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Our Services

Codex Software excels at building scalable web solutions since the very foundation of the company. Along the way, we've thoroughly tested almost every trend, technology and method of building such software and delivered several 1000+ man-hours' large projects - software platforms, social networks and massive websites.

Use our expertise to make it into the next gen Web:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the on-going business needs;
  • Design and development of custom scalable websites and services;
  • Re-engineering, enhancement and optimization of live solutions;
  • Customer support and staffing.

Scalable web apps case studies


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